New Singles Group- Learn 5 Things! How To Date To Find a Partner!

Learn about yourself in group therapy! Find support and friendship!

Learn about yourself in group therapy! Find support and friendship!

Dating can be fun but it also can be difficult. You may get the date but then nothing ever comes of it.

5 Things You’ll Learn in a Singles Group

  1. What to talk about on your first, second and third date.
  2. How much to share in the beginning…
  3. When should we have sex?
  4. How long should I wait to respond to a text, call or email?
  5. How do my children fit into this new picture?

Come share ideas, feelings, concerns and successes.

Our little family would love to hear!

Ilissa Banhazl, MFT, Group Facilitator


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All Kinds Of Therapy Groups In Glendora, 5 of Them….

Wouldn't you like to sit on this sofa?

Wouldn’t you like to sit on this sofa?

Ilissa Banhazl, Marriage and Family Therapist, Group Facilitator


1. Singles

2. Women’s Support

3. Parenting

4. Eating Disorder & Body Image

5. Bereavement, Grief and Loss

Please contact Ilissa for more information at 626-335-0903



“It Takes A Village” 3 Reasons Why? Group Therapy, Ilissa Banhazl, MFT facilitator Glendora

Join a women's support group, La Verne

Don’t be shy! Inquire!
(626) 335-0903

3 reasons why sometimes its best to join a group rather than go it alone…

1. You’ve tried handling problems or concerns on your own and things are not improving.

2. You’re craving other people’s ideas and support.

3. You want to be a part of something bigger than yourself.

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9 More Benefits of Group Therapy

Join us on the sofa! Tuesday night!

Join us on the sofa! Tuesday night!

There are many beneficial reasons to join a group. Here are just a few.

1. Put an end to Isolation

2. Social skills

3. Share ideas

4. Receive empathy and support

5. Learn more about yourself

6. Resolve problems

7. Improve communication skills

8. Engage in healthy relationships

9. My favorite– Find out that your normal!!

Call for more information- 626-335-0903

Groups starting up in the fall!

Group Therapy Glendora Will Resume in September

Come join the group!

Come join the group!

Groups will be starting up again in September. More information is available at

Sign ups will begin in August so mark your calendar.

(626) 335-0903


1. Women’s Support

2. Grief and Loss (Bereavement)

3. Lesbian Women’s Group

4. Eating Disorder and Body Image

5. Single’s Group

The more you join with others, the more connected you feel and the more you realize you’re normal!

See you in the fall…Women's Support Group, Women's Eating Disorder Group, Glendora

Don’t Go It Alone! Join a Group! 4 Benefits!

Come join the group!

Come join the group!

Why deal with everything on your own when you can join a group in Glendora where people come to share and support one another.


1. You’ll feel less alone.

2. You can work out any thoughts, worries or feelings with feedback from caring friends who “get it”.

3. You’ll improve your interpersonal relationships, which generates to relationships outside of group.

4. It’s less expensive than individual therapy. (Unless individual therapy is indicated)

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I Bet We Could Mix Everyone Together & Create One Big Group- 9 Topics and 3 Reasons Why!

Facilitating group therapy for adults in Glendora, Ilissa Banhazl, MFT

You’ll fit right in!

I’m recognizing the over-lapping of adult issues. This is why I am offering an “open group” of 8 people who think they might benefit from the support of a group.

Here are 8 overlapping topics for discussion…

1. Such as loss, we all have experienced and grieved all kinds of losses. Loss does have to be about death.

2. We can always improve our relationships with significant people, friends, acquaintances, coworkers, bosses & children.

3. Many of us are parents and are challenged by the different stages of early childhood through young adulthood, plus differing parenting styles

4, Most of us have been hurt by the end of a relationship and had to struggle to move forward.

5. Many of us feel stressed when trying to make ends meet financially.

6. Most of us have disordered eating; one type or another.

7. Unfortunately many people have gone though a divorce and are single and looking to meet a new partner.

8. Lots of us are working on self-esteem.

9. Many of us feel stressed and run down taking care of tasks non-stop.

Here are 3 reasons why:

1. How many people could benefit from learning better communication skills.

2. All people feel better finding out they are not alone in their situation. They are normal!

3. People will benefit from support from others verses isolation.

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