New Singles Group- Learn 5 Things! How To Date To Find a Partner!

Learn about yourself in group therapy! Find support and friendship!

Learn about yourself in group therapy! Find support and friendship!

Dating can be fun but it also can be difficult. You may get the date but then nothing ever comes of it.

5 Things You’ll Learn in a Singles Group

  1. What to talk about on your first, second and third date.
  2. How much to share in the beginning…
  3. When should we have sex?
  4. How long should I wait to respond to a text, call or email?
  5. How do my children fit into this new picture?

Come share ideas, feelings, concerns and successes.

Our little family would love to hear!

Ilissa Banhazl, MFT, Group Facilitator


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What is the Meaning of “Group Dynamics?” Women’s Group Glendora, Ilissa Banhazl, MFT

Join a women's support group women of claremont

Sit on the safest sofa in Glendora!

The definition of group dynamics is “the interactions that influence the attitudes and behavior of people when they are grouped with others through either choice or accidental circumstances.”

This dynamic is what allows you as a member of a group to experience personal growth.

Sometimes things get blurred or distorted when they are only inside your head. Letting safe people in can help you to normalize your thoughts and feelings and encourage you to consider alternate solutions.

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You’ll find it answers many of the questions you may have about the women’s support group experience.

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